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Apart from countless express bus connections between Singapore and Malaysia, Larkin Sentral also offers more than 8000 bus routes to anywhere in Malaysia. Prefer a taxi? Head for the taxi stand

Larkin Sentral, located a stone's throw away from Singapore, is by far the largest and most connected bus terminal in Johor, the Malaysia state at the opposite end of the Singapore Causeway.

In fact, Larkin Sentral is so strategically situated that it's always the shortest line between Singapore and any destination in Malaysia. This applies not only to the excellent bus connections in and out of Larkin, but to all public transport in and out of Johor. After all, whether you prefer to travel by taxi, bus or coach, day or night, Larkin is the place to get you on your way.

Your journey starts at Larkin Sentral

Want to go to Tioman Island? Kuala Lumpur? Malacca? Penang? Wherever in Malaysia it is you're traveling to, make Larkin your first stop for a hassle-free journey. All the more so when booking your tickets online. Because let's face it, nothing beats the sense of freedom you feel when you know your seats are booked. No stress, no need to worry; bring on the joys of traveling.

Facilities galore

But there's more to Larkin than meets the eye. For one, you won't go hungry whilst your connecting bus is inbound to you. How so? Well, because Larkin offers a comprehensive variety of "makan", from all corners of the world. Whatever meets your fancy: a spicy noodle dish, McDonalds, roti prata, nasi goreng, or a full-on Subway meal, no problem, because Larkin has it. Pro Tip: Try one of the local eateries. So yummie, for sure you'll have seconds.

Other nifty amenities at Larkin Sentral include ATM machines, convenience stores, money-changers, a travel agency, as well as a pharmacy, along with a Lost & Found desk. And there's a Mosque too, the Masjid An-Nur. (Click here for an in-depth profile of Larkin Sentral).

Welcome to Larkin Sentral
Welcome to Larkin Sentral

Bus Tickets

Bottom line though, the main reason we go to Larkin Sentral is because we're traveling to our destination in Malaysia. So let's settle our journey.
NOTE: Booking your bus/coach tickets online is recommended.